Software Engineer

Amit Joki

With 4+ years of experience in building products,
I specialize in converting ideas into seamless user experiences.

About me

I'm passionate about creating products that improve lives globally, driving meaningful change and enhancing the human experience.

I have a proven track record of creating globally used products coupled with substantial contributions to open source projects.

Work experience

Founding Front-End Engineer
Bash Inc.
April 2023 - Present

Build, design and maintain the entire web front-end.
Develop and maintain the companion web extension.

Principal Front-End Engineer
Rock, Shiny Inc.
April 2020 - Present

Implemented flagship features like Tasks, Labels, Sprints, and Folders.
Introduced new chat features like polls and audio messages.
Enhanced user onboarding and space creation for smoother collaboration.
Implemented paid tiers, feature gating, topics mini-app, workspaces, and dashboard.
Continuously shaping Rock by expanding and enhancing features.

Google Summer of Code Student
Summer 2020

Reduce and optimize bundle size with tree-shaking.
Enabled JavaScript code coverage for RSpec tests.

Google Summer of Code Student
Summer 2019

Implemented multi-wiki support and an option to choose which wiki to track.
Built a feature to mark an article tracked/untracked based on course relevance.
Migrated Flux Store to Redux Store and added a filter based on article's tracked status.
Addressed 50+ issues of varying difficulty in 40+ merged pull requests.


Bachelor of Technology in IT
Velammal College of Engineering and Technology


Discover the skills I bring to the table.


Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS. Dabbled in Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Python.

Web Development Frameworks

Experienced in using React, Vue, Tailwind, Storybook to build interactive UI.


Skilled in bootstrapping apps from the scratch to delivering the end product.


Proficient in debugging to identify and resolve issues quickly ensuring smooth functionality.

Attention to detail

Diligent in maintaining uniform quality across all development cycles.


Quick to adapt to new design trends, technologies, and client preferences.


Below are the products I have helped shape with my expertise.


Bash is an AI-powered work feed for all your product and marketing flows

As the sole web frontend engineer, I oversee all aspects of web frontend, including design, development, and maintenance.

Bash Extension

Bash browser extension is the companion extension for Bash.

Built the entire extension from scratch. It helps summarise web pages so you can gain insights into the articles and ask questions on it.


Rock: Tasks plus messaging and all your favorite apps

Led the development of flagship features, introduced new chat features, improved user onboarding, implemented paid tiers and feature gating, and continue to enhance features to shape the platform's evolution.

Wiki Education Dashboard

Wiki Education Foundation's Wikipedia course dashboard system

As a 2x Google Summer of Code Student, added the feature of article tracking and multi-wiki. Also significantly reduced the JavaScript footprint and helped gain insights into code coverage when using RSpec.


Enigma - A minimalist, locked-down one-to-one chat app.

I built this app to learn Flutter and Firebase. It is open sourced with 350+ stars on GitHub.

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